What communities has Tristar created?

Our past and current projects include Cimarron in Okotoks, Belvedere and Montreux Cove in Calgary, and the Southbank Business Park in Okotoks.

What is Tristar responsible for in the development of a community?

An effective land developer carries the vision for the property forward, start to finish. Tristar manages the very first steps in the creation of a community, converting raw land into developed land. We go through the process of determining the mix of land uses, community design and site planning, finance, acquisition of approvals, engineering and development of infrastructure (including roads, water, sewage and public utilities), subdivision of the land and sale of the lots to home builders.

Our success is due to our ability to coordinate the complex series of interrelated activities to deal with physical and environmental issues related to the land conversion, as well as the political issues inherent to every community development project.

What are the advantages of choosing to live in a Tristar community?

Within our communities we have made it possible for someone to be able to progress and upgrade houses without having to leave the community they have grown to love. A young couple, for example, could start out purchasing their starter home within the community and be able to evolve with the growth of their family to a move-up home, an estate home or a country estate. At each stage they would have easy access to different levels of schooling and municipal facilities.

The most important part of community development to Tristar is that when the neighbourhood is complete it is a warm, convenient and nurturing place for people to live, work and play.

What is the difference between Tristar and any other land developer in Calgary?

Tristar Communities is a small developer which makes us more focused on the projects we have. Our goal is to foster active, healthy lifestyles. We build master plan, environmentally sensitive communities which include all the amenities in the planning process, rather than just the housing – including parks and pathways and easy access to schools and recreation facilities. We aim to foster inclusivity and interaction within the community by providing many ways for people to connect with one another through the opportunites we create.

What types of homes are in a Tristar community?

A Tristar community consists of start-up homes, move up homes, estate homes and country estates.

What involvement does Tristar have after house construction is completed and the homes are occupied?

After the homes have been occupied, Tristar Communities is still actively involved in the process of development throughout the community. Tristar is committed to enhancing the natural landscape of the community with the Tree Program, Landscaping needs, and issues involving other residences in the area. Tristar is here for the community and for all whom live within it and will deal with any issues or concerns as they may occur within the community.

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