Our Process

Tristar manages the very first steps in the creation of a community, converting raw land into developed land.


We go through the process of determining the mix of land uses, community design and site planning, finance, acquisition of approvals, engineering and development of infrastructure (including roads, water, sewage and public utilities), subdivision of the land and sale of the lots to home builders.

In order to orchestrate the projects effectively, we take responsibility to have an in-depth understanding of the roles of each of the professionals involved. Starting with the city planning and public authorities at the beginning of the process to the individuals and families in the end that actually purchase the homes, Tristar works with many different parties at each stage of the project. Bankers, architects, engineers, surveyors, code officers, contractors and leasing agents are just a few of the professionals that we involve in the process.

Our success is due to our ability to coordinate the complex series of interrelated activities to deal with physical and environmental issues related to the land conversion, as well as the political issues inherent to every community development project.

Contact Information

Tel: 403.640.0708

Email: info@tristarcommunities.com