Tillotson ~ Okotoks

Okotoks' Premier Community Coming Soon!

Tillotson provides a diverse range of housing options, accommodating every homeowner and fostering enduring community connections. Built on urban principles, Tillotson integrates beautifully designed public spaces with retail, offices, and housing, forming a vibrant tapestry. The marriage of beauty and function in its quality design inspires a lifestyle centered on higher density living and a harmonious blend of natural and urban elements. Prioritizing sustainability, Tillotson encourages pedestrian-friendly transportation and upholds a commitment to environmental preservation. More than a residence, Tillotson signifies a return to communal living, where shared experiences and diversity shape a more enriching way of life.

Interested in learning more about the Tillotson neighbourhood area Structure Plan?

Visit Tillotson Vision for information about the application process and engagement opportunities.

Tillotson Gallery